New Mexico School Health Manual
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New Mexico Department of Health

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About the New Mexico School Health Manual

The New Mexico School Health Manual was developed for the purpose of providing guidelines and recommendations to school nurses and other school health personnel for coordinated school health practice and programs throughout the state.

The Office of School and Adolescent Health (OSAH) continues to assist users of the manual to transition from the historical heard copy to the Web-based version and CD version. One updated CD copy is available annually for distribution from OSAH to each NM school district and can be replicated by the district as needed.

To maintain an up-to-date hard copy of the Manual the user should print a copy of the entire Manual from the Web site. All revisions are noted on the "Guide to Revisions" menu selection for a period of two years. To maintain a current hard copy, it is advisable to replace the entire Section identified with revisions, so that pagination remains correct and tables of content page numbers are correct; page numbers may change when materials are revised and/or added.

Any CD version of the Manual will be current only up to the date of its printing. School nurses are encouraged to use the Web-based version of the Manual because it will always contain the most current information. For some school nurses this may require working with school administrators to obtain the appropriate computer equipment and accessibility to the Internet. It is important to have that capability so that current Manual information is always accessible.


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