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About PDF (Portable Document Format) Files

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® 10.1 is now available. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Each section of the New Mexico School Health Manual is a separate PDF file. The software Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® 9.0 is required. The files may be launched within the browser as shown below or may launch the Acrobat® Reader® outside the browser. Each PDF file contains a table of contents in the form of bookmarks that are displayed on the left of the screen. The bookmarks link all the PDF files together. It is possible to download/save sections/files individually from the web or CD versions, but the bookmarks to other sections/files will no longer function. If all the files are saved exactly as they are organized on the CD or the web site this feature will continue to work.

Figure 1. PDF files within Internet Explorer browser.

  1. Bookmarks to other sections - will close current PDF file and open new file.
  2. Bookmarks within the section - will move pages within PDF file. Click on the + and - symbols to open sub-menus.
  3. These icons control the bookmark menu. If the bookmarks are not visible, click on the icon. If they disappear after you click on them, click on the and make sure the "hide menu after use" is NOT checked. You can use these tools to turn the bookmarks on and off and create more space for viewing the main document.
  4. There are tools at the top and bottom that allow you to navigate through the document page by page.
  5. There are tools at the top of the document that allow you to control the size of the main document.

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