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If your printer encounters difficulties. Please see the list of Problems, Solutions and Tips below:

Problem: A PDF file begins printing lines, zeros, or other characters. This usually happens in larger documents after printing a number of pages correctly.

Issue: The file size may be too large for the printer's memory.

Solution: Try printing the file in smaller sections - 10-15 pages at a time. Try a different printer.

Problem: A PDF file is printing out text with characters that are spaced incorrectly - too close together or too far apart. Some graphics aren't printing correctly.

Issue: Conflict with the printer driver. Old version of Acrobat Reader.

Solution: Try a different printer. Update the printer driver. Update the version of Acrobat.

Tip: Save paper by printing on both sides of the page.

Instructions: When you select "Print" from the File menu or by clicking on the printer icon, the printer menu appears. Look for the option to Print Even and Odd Pages. Select Print "Odd Pages Only." Feed the pages back through the printer on the opposite site and Print "Even Pages Only."


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