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Searching the School Health Manual Website

Step 1: Enter a search term:


Step 2: Select an item from the list of results.
           Results are ranked with the most relevant entries first.
            = 5 stars indicate the highest relevance to search term(s)


Tips for effective website searching:

  • Choose search terms that are nouns and noun phrases.
      Example: oxygen or oxygen tank
  • Avoid using verbs or modifiers (adjectives, adverbs, predicate subjects, conjunctions).
    These terms are usually too broad to be useful and are often ignored by search engines.
  • Check your spelling.
    Is there a typo in your search term? Is there another spelling for your search term?
      Example: bloodborne vs. blood borne
  • Avoid too many search terms and redundancy.
    It's better to use one keyword instead of five.

      Example: asthma, breath, breathing, lung constriction



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